Jason Koharik is a self-taught artist and craftsman whose methods and works are always evolving. He was born and raised in Bedford, Ohio, and later made a name for himself as an artist and designer in Los Angeles, California. He works from his 7000 square foot studio and showroom in Glassell Park, relying on timeless methods to design and handcraft a sophisticated line of lighting, furniture, art, and sculpture.

His work is evoked by the spirit of the moment. Driven by conception, a story, a poem, or a memory. And drawing upon the fluid beauty and natural forms of the Art Nouveau period, as well as an effort to create a unique silhouette that occupies space as an anomaly within its interior. In his effort, to make “All Space Sacred”, each piece takes on a one-of-a-kind quality. Set with its own unique intention to place importance on the position it is ultimately placed. Working with natural materials such as wood, steel, brass and leather, he seeks a balance between furniture and sculpture, and feels successful when you cannot tell the difference.

In addition to his own sculptural lighting and furniture designs, Jason also collects rare and unusual vintage furniture and objects, which he often transforms into an entirely new one-of-a-kind piece, through the use of his own unique upholstery, hand-stitched leather, metal and wood working skills.